Bosom of Suburbia  photo-comic-strip  rated PG-13


'Earl the Squirrel'

Vol. 1, Episode 2.

'Adventures of Earl the Squirrel'

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Vol. 1, Episode 3.

'Squirrel Heaven'

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Vol. 1 Episode 4.

'A Squirrel's Gotta Do What A Squirrel's Gotta Do'

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Earl's first appearance in'Bosom of Suburbia' .

Earl surfs the net while recuperating from a perilous fall.

Earl does what he's gotta do.


Earl the Squirrel made his first appearance in the May, 2004 issue of Dean's semi-quarterly newsletter, the DeanZine (see Newsletter section for back issues of DeanZine). And, just like the Fonz in 'Happy Days', Earl proceeded to take over the strip. Life interceded and the strip was abandoned after a few months but, you never know, it could be relaunched at any time! Meanwhile, to get on Dean's mailing list just CLICK HERE to send an email to:


Vol. 1, Episode 1.

'I Hate That Cat'

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The first pre-Earl episode of 'Bosom of Suburbia' features Bitty the inefficient mouse catcher