The ongoing adventures of a hapless singer/songwriter.  Vol. 1. Episode 4.

'A Squirrel's Gotta Do What A Squirrel's Gotta Do'  page 2





Dean, meet Gunther,  Attorney-at-Law.  And, coincidentally, brother-in-law, on my sister Pearl's side.  Gunther, why don't I let you explain all the gory details.


Why, um... certainly. It's all very standard, really, Dean. Boilerplate stuff. Medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of spousal affections... standard stuff.


May I see that, please?

I'm sure you'll find it all in order. I believe the final compensation figure comes to, um... something in the neighborhood of, er... $145,000!






Give or take a few grand...

Medical expenses, Lost wages? C'mon, Earl, you've never held a job in your life!


And what's this 'loss of spousal affection'? Since when were you ever married, Earl? What's the deal here my furry friend?


Well, Dean, funny you should ask... allow me to introduce the love of my life...

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