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Dean's first new album in 7 years! Twelve brand new, original songs, filled with the consumate lyrical and musical brilliance, poignancy, revealing insight, wry humor and sheer artistry that listeners have come to expect from this master songsmith/recording-artist.  It's another eclectic Dean Friedman album, an amalgam of styles including jazz, pop, rock, folk and country. Its themes include songs of love, frustration, success and failure; songs about missing home, the terrors and joys of raising kids, dissertations on the physics of time and space, randomness and causality; there's a song dedicated to Malala Yousafzai, the brave defender of all girls' right to an education; a song about Dean's old Martin D-35 acoustic guitar; a misanthrope's duet; and there's a song about ducks - a true story of the 'Easter Rising' - a failed 1916 uprising in Ireland. This is a 'must have' for any dedicated fan of Dean Friedman's music!  

Songs: Your Pretty Face - The Hummingbird Effect - Time Flies - I Could Fall for You - The Kite Song - Then You - The Ducks of St Stephenís Green - Loose Ends - Something Right - Your Friend Janet - This Guitar - Malala       Credits: written, arranged & produced by Dean Friedman; Dean Friedman vocals, guitars, keyboards, dobro, Mandolin; Sam Friedman harmonica; Lisa Gutkin fiddle; Ira Feddemann bass, accordian; Alicia Delgado vocals; Hannah Friedman vocals; engineered by Dean Friedman, Sam Friedman & Hannah Friedman; recorded spring 2017 at the Honking Goose Studios, Peekskill, NY, USA


Dean Friedman 'Word & Music' NEW! 

[2-Disc Compilation CD / 30 tracks in all]

Next time one of your friends or co-workers looks at you with a puzzled expression and asks, "Dean who?", just hand them this double-CD and let them discover for themselves what Friedman fans have known about for years, the consummate work of a master songsmith. Hand-picked by Dean, this 2-disc compilation CD contains thirty of his finest original songs/recordings, chosen from his last six studio albums, including popular tracks like McDonald's Girl and Rocking Chair, and chock-filled with fan favorites like Saturday Fathers, Hey Larry, Under the Weather, I'm a Lucky Guy, Shopping Bag Ladies, It's a Wonderful Life, Death to the Neighbors, New Lang Syne, It's My Job and so much more.

Check out this remarkable collection of songs/recordings from one of the finest singer-songwriters of his generation. Order two and share this amazing music with a friend!


NOTE: This collection does NOT contain Lucky Stars, Lydia or Ariel. Says Dean, "I couldn't be more proud of the hits, but in truth they've already gotten way more than their share of airplay - and I'm passionate about the idea that the songs on this compilation album deserve to be heard."

Includes 24-page booklet with lyrics.

Volume 1: Hob-Nobbiní, Where Have All The Angels Flown?, Death to the Neighbors, The Dolphins Were Dancing, McDonaldís Girl, Saturday Fathers, I Miss Monica, Itís My Job, Donít Mourn, Donít Cry, Picture Postcard Life, No School Today, Hale Bop Ė She Bop, Itís a Wonderful Life, Rocking Chair (Itís Gonna Be All Right), New Lang Syne; Volume 2: Shopping Bag Ladies, Iím a Lucky Guy, Youíre a Criminal Darling (You Stole My Heart), Jenniferís Baby, God of Abraham, Doint, Doint, Itís Just a Little Joint, How Does This Story End?, A Bakerís Tale, Under the Weather, Hey Larry, You and Me, Babe, Let the Boys Come Home, Sandy, The Wind Blows, George Washington Slept Here



 Submarine Races     


'Submarine Races'  

Dean's first new CD in 5 years! 13 brand new songs, lyrical soundscapes and storysongs, bursting with life, love and survival in a surreal world. One of Dean's best albums, yet. Contains instant classics like 'I'm a Lucky Guy', 'Under the Weather', 'Essie May', 'You're a Criminal Darling', 'Calamity Waltz' and more. Plus a special rebuttal to Half Man Half Biscuits, bestselling EP track, 'The Bastard Son of Dean Friedman' - 'A Baker's Tale', the unvarnished (and hilarious) truth about Nigel Blackwell's dubious origins. Guaranteed to deliver decades of listening pleasure. Order two and give one to a friend! ;-)

SongsSubmarine Races, I'm a Lucky Guy, You're a Criminal Darling (You Stole My Heart), Under the Weather, Luddite's Lament, Calamity Waltz, A Baker's Tale, Essie May, Crazy as a Loon, You're Invisible, Smartest Man in the Whole Wide World, Let the Boys Come Home, Oddballs & Misfits

Musicians: Dean Friedman (Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars, Ukelele, Mandolin, Harmonica trk.3) Buck Dilley (Pedal Steel, Dobro)  Lisa Gutkin (Fiddle)  Jake Sokolov-Gonzalez (Cello) Joel Evans (English Horn, Bassoon) Gary Schwartz (Drums, Spoons, Background Vocals) Ira Feddemann (Bass, Washboard, Jug) Sam Friedman (Banjo, Harmonica trks. 11, 13, Background Vocals) Hannah Friedman (Background Vocals) Mike Borok (Background Vocals) Barbara Borok (Background Vocals) Marc Von Em (Background Vocals)

Other: Written, Arranged and Produced by Dean Friedman; Engineered by Dean Friedman;  Recorded at the Honking Goose Studios, Peekskill, NY - Spring 2010 (Check album for complete credits.)


 Squirrels in the Attic   


Squirrels in the Attic [2006] - Dean's newest offering, Comedy Songs for Adults  Definitely not for kids!  But, if you're a fan of Dean's comedy songs like S&M and the Deli Song and enjoy the whimsical humor of Ariel and McDonald's Girl, you'll love this new album. And If you're worried about global warming or the coming ice age, if you contemplate wreaking serious havoc upon your next-door neighbors,  if today's incessantly depressing headlines causes you to miss Monica Lewinsky,  if you occasionally indulge in an herbal remedy or if a constant barrage of email spam has finally caused you to question whether or not you, uh, measure up... well, then this album is definitely for you.    

WARNING:  This CD contains obscene language, gratuitous depictions of violence, rude references to perverse sexual acts, disparaging remarks about Republicans and an irresponsible endorsement of illegal substances. Parental discretion is advised.

SongsI Miss Monica, I'm a Clone, I Never Really Liked You All That Much, Doint, Doint, It's Just a Little Joint, Death to the Neighbors, 4 More Years, A Terrible Pickle, Arab Man, E.S.P., Baby Sitting Song, It's My Job, Fuck Buddies, Humdrum, Just the Right Size.

Musicians: Dean Friedman (Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars, Ukelele, Harmonica) Mark Murphy (Bass, Background Vocals) Buck Dilley (Pedal Steel) Ben Freed (Dobro, Banjo) Matt Beck (Lap Steel, Banjo) Jerry Oland (Banjo, Background Vocals) Lisa Gutkin (Fiddle) Scott Shachter (Clarinet, Bass Clarinet) Randy Andos (Trombone, Tuba) Jeff Kievit (Trumpet) Art Labrioloa (Accordian) Roger Bruno (Percussion, Background Vocals) Hannah Friedman, Sam Friedman, Rand Gartman, Brian Pugh, Howard Kilik, Ellen Schwartz, Brendan Saadat (Background Vocals).  

Other: Written, Arranged and Produced by Dean Friedman; Engineered by Dean Friedman; MIDI Transcriptions (Howard Kilik)   Recorded at the Honking Goose Studios, Peekskill, NY Spring/Summer/Fall 2005 (Check album for complete credits.)

Songs For Grownups

 The Treehouse Journals   


The Treehouse Journals [2002] - The Treehouse Journals is a wonderful,  eclectic mix of folk, country, pop, jazz and rock which depicts, in subtle and intimate detail, the feelings and textures of life in small-town USA. Features George Washington Slept Here plus, Saddest Girl in the Whole Wide World, You and Me, Babe, Summer Days, Picture Postcard Life... Wonderful new songs by a uniquely gifted songwriter at the peak of his craft.

SongsThe Wind Blows,You and Me, Babe, Welcome to the World, Summer Days, No School Today, The Saddest Girl in the Whole Wide World,  Who Was The One?, One Autumn Afternoon, Amelia , Happy Ever After, Picture Postcard Life, Like A Swan, George Washington Slept Here.

Musicians: Dean Friedman (Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars, Harmonica) Henry Lugo (Bass)  Mark Murphy  (Bass, Cello) Drori Mondlak (Drums & Percussion)  Gary Schwartz  (Drums & Percussion) Ed Jarusinsky (Drums & Percussion)  Roger Bruno  (Percussion)   Lonnie Leibowitz (Keyboards)  Ben Freed (Banjo, Dobro)  Jerry Oland (Banjo)  Evan Stover (Fiddle)  Matt Beck  (Guitars, Dobro)  Dan Einbender (12 String Guitar ) Andy Revkin (Mandolin)  Hannah Friedman (Background Vocals) Rachel Cipriano (Background Vocals)  Patti Pelican (Background Vocals)  Terry Platz (Background Vocals)  Stacy Labriola (Background Vocals)   Joel Evans (English Horn) John Parrette (Clarinet)  Bill Treat  (Piccolo)  Jeff Kievit (Flugelhorn)   

Other: Written, Arranged and Produced by Dean Friedman; Engineered by Dean Friedman; Production Coordinator Ė Howard Kilik; Production Coordinator  -  Brendan Saadat; Mastered by Ron Kuhnke (Check album for complete credits.)

Songs For Grownups

 Songs for Grownups  


Songs for Grownups [1998]- This amazing 28 track collection (2 CD's) contains some of Dean's most beautiful work. Classic songs like Saturday Fathers, Jennifer's Baby, Sandy, Hob-Nobbin', The Dolphins Were Dancing, Little Black Cloud, Dodo, Where Have All The Angels Flown?, confirm Dean as one of the pre-eminent songwriters of his generation.  

Songs: (Disc One) Sandy; Hob-Nobbin'; Saturday Fathers; Little Black Cloud; Jennifer's Baby; Don't Mourn, Don't Cry; Wishing on a Satellite; It's Only Make Believe; Dodo; Where Have All the Angels Flown?; The Dolphins Were Dancing; Sometimes I Forget; God of Abraham; It's a Wonderful Life; (Disc Two) Typical Town; She's a Working Mom; Put You in My Pocket; No One Knows; Don't Marry That Boy; Under a Canopy; Multimedia Man; New Lang Syne; Maybe in a Million Years; Ayamba Yayahu; Hey, Hey, Hillary; How Does This Story End?; Hale Bob She Bop; All Grown Now.

Musicians: Dean Friedman (keyboards, guitars, harmonica, vocals), Matt Beck (guitars), Frank Vilardi (drums, percussion), Ken Rich (bass), Gary Schwartz (percussion).  (Check album for complete credits.)

Other: Written, Produced, and Arranged by Dean Friedman; Engineered by Dean Friedman, Michael Cirile, Ken Rich; Mixed by Dean Friedman; Mastered by Kevin Hodge at Master Cutting Room, New York, NY.

Rumpled Romeo

 Rumpled Romeo 


Rumpled Romeo [1981] - Dean's 3rd album contains the classic hit 'McDonald's Girl', officially banned by the BBC, covered by the Barenaked Ladies and #1 in Norway. Rumpled Romeo is a romantic album filled with heartfelt teenage love songs. Contains some of Dean's loveliest compositions. In addition to McDonald's Girl, songs like Are You Ready Yet?, Hey Larry, First Date, Love is Real, I Will Never Leave You, evoke the passion and angst of those tender years. A rare delight.

Songs: First Date; McDonald's Girl; Are You Ready Yet; Hey Larry; Love is Real; Buy My Baby a Car; Special Effects; I Depend on You; Marginal Middle Class; I Will Never Leave You.

Bonus tracks on CD only: The Lakelands, Nookie in the Mail, Follow Your Heart, I Didn't Mean to Make You Cry.

Musicians: Dean Friedman (vocals, guitars, keyboards, harmonica), David Frank (synthesizer), Jonny Mann (bass), Bill Ward (drums, percussion), Don Sarlin (guitar), David Glenn (trombone).

Other: Produced by Dean Friedman; Engineered by Neal Steingart, Sound Effects on Marginal Middle Class by Paul Friedman; The role of Mike played by Barker Jones; Little Girl played by Katy Sarlin; Recorded at Eastern Artist Recording Studios, East Orange, New Jersey.

Well Well

 "Well, Well" Said the Rocking Chair'



'Well, Well,' Said the Rocking Chair' [1978] - Dean's classic 2nd album, containing the hits: Lydia, Rocking Chair and the classic duet Lucky Stars, as well as numerous popular favorites such as S&M, the Deli Song and Shopping Bag Ladies. Every cut a gem. This critically acclaimed album contains track after track of stunning musicianship and lyric writing - a perfect wedding of words to music, yielding uniquely original and richly creative songs - confirming Dean as a world class singer/songwriter and recording artist. A must have for any songwriting aficionado and fan.  

Songs: Rocking Chair (It's Gonna Be All Right); I've Had Enough; Lucky Stars; Shopping Bag Ladies; Don't You Ever Dare; The Deli Song (Corned Beef on Wry); Lydia; S&M; Let Your Hair Down.

Musicians: Dean Friedman (vocals, guitars, piano, Fender Rhodes), Denise Marsa (vocals on Lucky Stars, background vocals), Don Sarlin (electric guitars), Jonny Mann (bass), Tony Levin (bass, fretless electric bass), Ron McClure (acoustic bass), Bill Ward (drums, percussion), Joseph Shepley (trumpet), George Young (tenor sax), Mark Rivera (alto sax, background vocals), David Taylor (trombone), Andy Goldmark, Holly Sherwood, Jim Ryan, Stu Nunnery, (background vocals).

Other: Composed, Arranged and Performed by Dean Friedman. Produced by Rob Stevens. Strings and Horns arranged by Dean Friedman and conducted by Kenny Ascher; Basic tracks recorded at Le Studio, Morin Heights, Quebec, Canada; Recording Engineer, Nick Blagona.

First Album

 Dean Friedman - The First Album



Dean Friedman (The First Album) [1977] - This eponymously named album was Dean's very first release. The first single, Ariel, an infectious pop tune about a pot-smoking, vegetarian Jewish girl, went Top 20 in the US, out-of-the-box, and launched Dean on his recording career. Ariel, along with an album of consummately crafted and eclectic tracks like Solitaire, The Letter, Company, Funny Papers and Love is Not Enough, served to introduce Dean as a major new singer/songwriter/recording artist. Where it all began.  

Songs: Company, Ariel, Solitaire; Woman of Mine; Song for My Mother; The Letter; I May Be Young; Humor Me; Funny Papers; Love is Not Enough.

Musicians: Dean Friedman (vocals, guitars, piano, sidewinder missile), Jim Ryan (electric guitar), Rick Witkowski (electric lead guitar), Tony Levin (bass, fretless electric bass), George Mraz (acoustic bass), Rick Marotta (drums, percussion), Tom Rossetter (drums, percussion), Rob Stevens (drums, percussion), Mel Lewis (drums), Kenny Ascher (Fender Rhodes), Harold Danko (piano), George Young (tenor sax, piccolo), George Marge (english horn), Wayne Andre (trombone), Rob Stevens (celeste), Corky Hale (harp), Tommy West, Andy Goldmark, Elizabeth Dasheff, Abbe Mason, Marty Nelson, Terence P. Minogue, Mike Corbett, Tony Wells, (background vocals).

Other: Composed, Arranged and Performed by Dean Friedman. Produced by Rob Stevens; Engineered and mixed by Don Puluse; Tape Master: Ted Brosman; Strings and Horns arranged by Kenny Ascher & Dean Friedman; Recorded and mixed at CBS Studios, New York, New York, 1976.

  'Live! At The Duke of York' 


Live! At The Duke of York [1985] - This is an early recording of a live solo concert by Dean, originally released on cassette and available now for the first time on CD-R. Recorded in 1985 at the Duke of York Theatre in London, the CD includes live versions of all the hits plus rare performance of songs such as The Deli Song, the VD Blues, Scratch & Bite and more.

 'Dean Friedman In Concert Ė Sheperds Bush Empire'  


Dean Friedman In Concert [1998] - Sheperds Bush Empire - Rare recording of Dean with band performing May, 1998 at the Sheperds Bush Empire in London, originally recorded and broadcast by the BBC. featuring Michael Casswell - guitar, Tim Bye - drums, Pete Clarke - bass and Mix on saxaphone. Live full-band versions of all the hits and more. A must for collectors.

 Deano's Demos - Vol. 1


'Deano's Demos' Vol. 1. This outstanding collection of demos and out-takes consists of rare unreleased material including long-time fan favorites like, 'Little Green Lady', 'Hi-Rise Romance', 'The Kite Song', 'VD Blues', 'I Wanna Be President of the USA', 'Yo-Yo' and early demo versions of classic tracks like 'Woman of Mine' and 'Ariel'. PLUS, this CD contains the very first recording of Dean's very first song, 'Summertime', written and recorded when Dean was only nine years old! This track alone is worth the price of this CD. PLEASE NOTE: This collection is NOT for the casual listener. However, it is a 'must-have' for the serious collector. These are rare demos and out-takes and NOT full-production, studio recordings. They are, however, guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. 

Track Listing: I Wanna Be President of the USA; Woman of Mine (demo); Yo-Yo; Scratch & Bite; Sentimental Fool; Monkey Business; The Kite Song; Little Green Lady; VD Blues; You're Such a Flirt; Talking on the Phone to Jesus; She Runs on Blood, Not Gasoline; Hi-Rise Romance; Crazy Eddie; 100%; Be Responsible; Mumble & Grumble; What's a Wuzzle?; Dinosaur Rock (featuring vocal by Dennis Elber); Let's Hang On; Ariel (demo); Summertime.

 Music From 'Boon' - TV Soundtrack


'Music From 'Boon' TV Soundtrack - Dean's soundtrack music from the hit UK TV series, 'Boon'. Includes Dean's original country/western songs: He's My Friend, He's My Buddy, Can't Stop Thinking About You, Handsome Stranger, We'll Be Friends, You're A Rattlesnake, and more... plus foot-stompin' instrumental tracks from the show. Terrific songs. A genuine hoot!

  Dean's 'Kids Songs'


Dean's 'Kids Songs'  - Dean's popular collection of silly Kids Songs now available on CD only. Contains kid favorites such as I'm Somebody Too, Brush Your Teeth, Rub-A-Dub-Dub plus all the Safety Songs including Never, Never Play With Matches, Please, Please, Please, Don't Tease The Bees, That Stove Is Hot and many more.

A Million Matzoh Balls


'A Million Matzoh Balls' -  By popular demand, Dean's wonderful collection of silly Hebrew School Songs now available on CD. Silly Hebrew School songs for silly Jewish kids covering Jewish holidays including Rosh, Rosh, Rosh Hashanah, Oh My Gosh It's A Humantosh, Love My Latkes and many more.

SaturdayFathers CD Single   George Washington Slept Here - CD Single

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George Washington Slept Here - CD Single. For the serious collector. This is the promotional CD single of 'George Washington Slept Here' taken from 'The Treehouse Journals' CD. Features reproduction of historic painting 'George Washington Crossing the Delaware' by Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze.  Additional tracks include The Wind Blows, You & Me, Babe, Picture Postcard Life.

SaturdayFathers CD Single   Saturday Fathers - CD Single

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Saturday Fathers - CD Single. For the serious collector. This is the CD single release of 'Saturday Fathers' taken from the 'Songs for Grownups' CD. Released in the UK in 1998, never released in the US. Additional tracks include 'Where Have All the Angles Flown?' and 'Sandy'.

Sadest Girl CD Single   Saddest Girl in the Whole Wide World - CD Single


The Saddest Girl in the Whole Wide World - CD Single. For the serious collector. This is the CD single release of 'Saddest Girl in the Whole Wide World' taken from 'The Treehouse Journals' CD. Features photo of actual Poor Pitiful Pearl doll, popular American doll from the '60's, upon which the lyric was based. Additional tracks include 'Summer Days' and 'Amelia'.

Bloomsbury Live!, 1995   Solo concert recorded April 6,7,8, 1995 at the Bloomsbury Theatre, London, England.


Songs: Including Woman of Mine, Typical Town, Sandy, Funny Papers, Solitaire, McDonald's Girl, Jennifer's Baby, Maybe in a Million Years, Don't Mourn, Don't Cry, Rocking Chair, Are You Ready Yet, Company, S&M, Shopping Bag Ladies, Wishing On A Satellite, God of Abraham, Saturday Fathers, Lydia, Ariel and more.


Vampire Motorcycle

 I Bought A Vampire Motorcyle - Soundtrack


I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle, Dirk Productions: Scratch and Bite; It Runs on Blood, Not Gasoline; Possession; Inspector Cleaner; Isabel's Theme; Mysterioso; Nightchase; Nina's Theme; Calm Chase



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