What we did on our UK adventure...
Volume 3, Issue 1- February '99 

Hi Everybody,

First of all, a belated happy Groundhogs Day. February 2nd has always been one of my favorite holidays, a day when we all sit around the table in our groundhog costumes eating nuts and berries and making Groundhog sounds.

Anyway... We're finally back in the states after our 9 month UK adventure. Still decompressing, still unpacking, but glad to be home.

So anyway, here's how it went...

I didn't sell a million records, but...

In short...

We had a great time.

Now I just have to figure out what the hell to do next. (I'm open to suggestions)

By the way, just to alert you to the fact that our online credit card ordering facility (VISA & MASTERCARD ONLY) was temporarily down but it was fixed and is now WORKING FINE. Which means you are free to order all kinds of cool stuff including kids cassettes and posters. (note: anyone awaiting CD orders, new stock has just arrived from the UK so the latest shipment of "Songs For Grownups" will go out this week)

http://deanfriedman.com (go to Order area)

Also some of you may have noticed that the chat-area in the Hob-Nobbin' section was broken but that too has been fixed and is WORKING FINE plus I added a GENERAL COMMENTS section for adding, well, you know, GENERAL COMMENTS. You're all invited to drop by the CHAT AREA to post remarks and say how you felt about the tour or the album or the weather or the impeachment proceedings.

http://deanfriedman.com (go to Hob-Nobbin' area)

Finally, I'd just like to say thanks again to all of you for your kind remarks and generous support throughout the past year. It's always nice hearing from you and seeing you at the shows.

Speaking of gigs, nothing's confirmed at the moment but I'll probably be playing in New York sometime around May/June and there's a possibility I'l be doing the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August. I'll keep you posted once any dates are confirmed. That's all for now.

Be well, take care, and have a happy, healthy new year. Talk to you soon.



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