UK Tour & Dean TV

Volume 5, Issue 1 - February 22, 2001 

Hi Everybody,

I'm furiously packing to get ready to fly to Ireland in a few days to
kick of the tour. I wanted to email a few quick items before I hit the
road, as it'll be hard for me to stay in touch while I'm touring. (I
will try to visit the CHAT ROOM on my website. Check it out for tour
updates while I'm on the road) So, please note the following:

ITEM #1: Because I'll be traveling, after this Saturday I'll no longer
be able to process online ticket orders for this tour, so... starting
midnight Saturday, Feb. 24th, the ONLINE ticket ordering page on my
website will be taken down. YOU CAN STILL ORDER TICKETS to all the gigs,
but you'll have to order by phone at the individual venues. Box office
phone numbers for each venue will continue to be listed on the website and
at the end of this email.

ITEM #2: The first Tour Ad in MOJO magazine listed a Newcastle date which
was never properly confirmed and was cancelled early on. So, to reiterate:
I will NOT be playing Newcastle this time around but will try to get there next time
I tour in 2002.

ITEM #3: I've been getting tons of email from all over the world and
from across the US voicing the following complaint: Hey Dean, How come
you only tour in NY, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. How come you
never play in... Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Japan,The Netherlands,
Switzerland, Sweden, South Africa, Italy, France, Spain, California,
Wisconsin, Florida, Chicago, Seattle, etc.. (you get the idea) To
everyone that's emailed, thanks for asking. The truth is, I'd love to
tour the rest of the world and the rest of the US, but, as you probably
realize, it comes down to logistics and money. It's really only
feasible for me to tour in territories where my database contains enough
names. As the mailing list continues to grow (amazingly it keeps
getting bigger every day), I do expect to be able to add new territories
to my next tour itinerary. Meanwhile, you can help by continuing to
spread the musical word. And speaking of spreading the musical word...

ITEM #4: Several people have already emailed me offering to put up Tour
Posters for the March tour in their areas. Actually, this will be
enormously helpful in promoting the upcoming concerts. So... anyone out
there, with some time on their hands and a roll of tape, that would be
interested in and willing to put up Tour Posters in your area, please
email me and I will arrange for my promoter CMP to print up and mail you
a stack of Tour Posters. Please indicate the number of posters - 25 or
50 posters - you would realistically be able to stick up in your area in
places like shops, libraries, community centers etc... Also include
your mailing address and phone number. [Please only do this if you have
the time to actually put them up as I will incur extensive printing and
shipping charges getting posters to everyone who asks] As for the rest
of you, word of mouth is still the best way to promote a concert tour,
so... just keep telling your friends!


Dean Guest-Stars on "The Baddiel Syndrome" Sunday, March 18th, 10pm

The episode of the David Baddiel sitcom, "The Baddiel Syndrome" on
which I do a comic guest-star appearance is scheduled to air Sunday
night, March 18th, 10pm on SKY TV, smack in the middle of my tour. Set
your VCR's and tell your friends. The show is hysterical, but it's only
fair to warn you that I play an exceedingly goofy version of myself.
(Not much of stretch, I hear some of you thinking...) Anyway, I promise
you'll get a kick out of it. The entire series is really funny and David
and the whole rest of the cast are terrific. So go visit a friend that
gets SKY and check it out every Sunday night at 10pm. And, remember to
tune in on March 18th to see my TV sitcom debut! It'll definitely crack
you up.

Dean on "The Kelly Show" in Belfast.

I'm also scheduled to do an appearance Friday evening, March 2nd, on
"The Kelly Show" broadcast out of Belfast. I've done it on several
occasions in the past and it's always fun. It goes out live, Friday
evening, but I forget what time, so check your local listings for the
exact time.

ITEM #6: Actually, there is no item 6, that's all I had to tell you.
Except for...

Be well, drive safely and thanks for listening.

See you on tour!


Dean's 2001 NY/Ireland/Scotland/Wales/England Tour

Wed. Feb - 28 Cork - The Lobby 
Sat. March-3 Dublin - HQ 
Sun. March-4 Waterford - The Forum 
Mon. March-5 Glenfarg - Bein Inn 
Tue. March-6 Glasgow - King Tuts 
Wed. March-7 Derby - Flowerpot 
Thur. March-8 York - Fibbers 
Sat. March-10 Wolverhampton - The Varsity 
Sun. March-11 Burgess Hill - Martlets Hall 
Tue. March-13 Worcester - Huntingdon Hall 
Wed. March-14 Southampton - The Brook 
Thur. March-15 Milton Keynes - The Stables 
Fri. March-16 Manchester - Manchester University 
Sat. March-17 Liverpool - Neptune Theatre 
Sun. March-18 Beverley - Picture Playhouse 
Tue. March-20 Worksop - Regal Centre 
Thur. March-22 Ebbw Vale - Beaufort Theatre 


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