UK/Ireland Tour Dates 2002

Volume 6, Issue 1 - February 25, 2002


Hi Everybody,

And you thought all I did was sit around playing guitar in my treehouse!

I'm happy to announce tour dates for my upcoming UK/Ireland Tour. It runs from May 2 to July 6 and covers 42 concert dates including an appearance at the Orange WOW Festival. Tickets are on sale today and you can ORDER TICKETS ONLINE thru TicketWeb via the website or by phone by calling TicketWeb at 08700-600-100.

Meanwhile, when I haven't been busy furiously faxing gig contracts to venues, designing posters and dealing with the Inland Revenue's Foreign Entertainers Tax Unit (oodles of fun, that) I've been working non-stop in the studio working on the new CD. And, if all goes according to plan, I hope to wrap up 'The Treehouse Journals' in time for a mid-tour release.

I'm also very pleased to report that I have three terrific sponsors that have helped to make the whole tour possible. And because I lied and told them I had 3,500,000 people on my email list, I need for each of you to visit their websites 1000 times a piece, over the next few months, so they don't get suspicious! ( I knew you wouldn't mind.)

I didn't really tell them that, and - can you believe it? - they're sponsoring the tour anyway, which I think is pretty cool, so indulge me for a few minutes while I do a quick infomercial for them. is an online music download company with a select catalogue of both free and for-pay audio files in the WMA (Windows Media Audio) format. Their music runs the gamut of styles with a strong emphasis on talented independent artists, that are often ignored by mainstream media (sounds familiar). One amazing aspect of their online music e-commerce model is that they actually pay the musicians directly for their music. What a concept!!! Check out their site and try a few downloads to get your feet wet. (or is it your ears?)  You can even try typing my name into their Artist search engine and download a bunch of my tunes to listen to off of your harddrive. Try it!  A few months back after writing about Sam and my treehouse project, one of you thoughtfully sent me a newspaper clipping about a treehouse company in the UK named, the worlds largest custom designers and builders of treehouses. I checked out their cool website and was really impressed with their beautiful work and treehouse philosophy. Pay a visit to their lovely site and take a look at some of their elegant treehouses. They're currently running a competition with the Daily Telegraph asking kids (under 16 years old) to submit treehouse designs. The best treehouse design will then be built and I've been invited to be one of the contest judges to be held at the Chelsea Flower Show on Monday, May 20th. If you want to learn more about treehouses, drop by!

Brewin Dolphin Securities  Brewin Dolphin Securities is one of the leading private client investment managers and stockbrokers in the United Kingdom, and dates back to the mid 18th Century. They employ 1 ,300 staff in 32 offices and manage total client funds in excess of 16.5 billion. When they found out that I financed my Next CD 'The Treehouse Journals' directly through my fanbase, they realized that this new funding model represented a revolutionary new paradigm in global economics as well as a severe threat to the existing financial infrastructure of the multibillion dollar entertainment industry. So, they decided they'd better figure out what the heck I'm up to! Actually, their Cardiff office happens to have impeccable taste in music and has generously underwritten a portion of this tour. Thanks guys. Oh, and if anyone out there happens to have a few billion laying around, these guys can show you better places to keep it then under your mattress! 

But, don't forget folks, even with the generous support of my tour sponsors, the most important tool for promoting the dates on this tour is still 'word-of-mouth'.   So, send an email to everyone on your email list, put a link on your website,  tell everyone you know (or even people you don't know) - friends, family, co-workers, the postman, your dentist, strangers on the street - about the upcoming concert tour. If they look at you funny and say, 'Dean who?', start singing a chorus of S&M - at least then, they'll have good reason to look at you funny.

Be well, drive safely and I look forward to seeing you at one of the shows.

All the best,


Dean Friedman In Concert

UK/Ireland Tour - May/June/July 2002:       42 Dates!      

2-May     Swindon  Arts Centre
3-May Birmingham     Conservatoire - ABH
4-May Leeds   City Varieties Music Hall
5-May Halifax        Victoria Theatre
7-May Dundee    Caird Hall
8-May     Aberdeen   Music Hall
10-May  Edenburgh    Queens Hall
11-May  Glasgow    Mitchell Theatre
12-May   Glenfarg       Bein Inn
14-May  Chester     Telfords Warehouse
15-May  Beverley   Picture Playhouse
18-May   Carlisle     Folk & Blues Club
22-May  Sheffield       City Hall
24-May   Manchester    Lowry
25-May  Liverpool    Neptune Theatre
26-May  Cardiff      Coal Exchange Theatre
28-May   Bournemouth   Tregonwell Hall
29-May    Norwich  UEA Norwich
31-May   Blackpool      Pavilion
1-Jun Newcastle  Live! Theatre
3-Jun      Orange WOW Festival 2002
5-Jun    Anglesey        Bulkeley Hotel
7-Jun  Dundalk       Spirit Store
8-Jun    Dublin     Vicar St.
9-Jun       Waterford    The Forum
12-Jun    Bristol     Fiddler
13-Jun   St. Albans Arena
14-Jun      Cambridge  Arts Theatre
15-Jun      Guildford     Spectrum Leisure Centre
16-Jun    Worcester   Huntingdon Hall
18-Jun      Leamington Spa Royal Spa Centre
19-Jun     Maidstone        Exchange Theatre
21-Jun   Truro       Hall for Cornwall
22-Jun London Lyric Theatre - Hammersmith
25-Jun High Wycombe    Town Hall
28-Jun    Brighton Hove Centre
29-Jun    Leicester   The "Y" Theatre
30-Jun Bath    Pump Rooms
3-Jul    Isle of White   Medina Theatre
4-Jul    Milton Keynes Stables
5-Jul      Eastbourne Royal Hippodrome
6-Jul     Torquay      Babbacombe Theatre



































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