Tour Update

Volume 6, Issue 3 - March 23, 2002

Hey Folks,

Yes, I know... Edinburgh is spelt with an 'i', not an 'e'. And 'spelt' can be spelled with a 't' or an 'lled'. (now you know!)

Anyway, thanks to all you Edinburghers (sp?)  for alerting me to this spelling 'faux pas'. It is now corrected on the tour listing on my website. And however you spell it, there are still plenty of tickets left for the Edinburgh show at Queens Hall on Friday, May 10th. In fact, there are still plenty of tickets left for the entire tour, although the Glenfarg gig at the Bien Inn, as it's the smallest, is selling out fast. (Just thought I'd mention that in passing.) Visit the website to check out TOUR DATES and ORDER TICKETS ONLINE.

I'm almost finished with the lead vocals and then there are still lots of overdubs and mixing to do. But, it's all coming along, quite nicely, thanks. Lots of new tunes, some you may have already heard once or twice in concert. I just finished one I especially like called, 'The Saddest Girl in the Whole Wide World'. I'm anxious to learn what you'll think of 'em all.

The studio's running smoothly - knock on silicon - but yesterday, I did discover an uninvited guest peering in on the proceedings.

I happened to glance briefly up at the calendar, mid-punch-in, only to discover I was being observed by a tiny brown field mouse, peeking out of the rafters (they come indoors when it's cold). Biddy and Sunny (our cats) laying down on the job! Well, I guess every studio has its resident 'studio rat'. Now I've got a 'studio mouse'. If his twitching nose is any indication, he appears to like the rough mixes.

So far, he hasn't asked to sing on any of the tracks, but if he goes anywhere near the mic cables, I'm using him as a sound F/X. (SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEK!)

Most of you that pre-ordered the NextCD, now titled, 'The Treehouse Journals', should have already received your Order Confirmation Certificates by now. If not, they should arrive within a week or so. I have to say, it was pretty brave of you to entrust me with all of that cash based purely on the promise that I was actually going to record an album with it and not run off to some posh resort to gamble it all away. (Although, that's still not such a bad idea...) In any case, for those of you that haven't, you can still  Pre-Order 'The Treehouse Journals' on the website, for a limited time.

Preparations for the tour are moving along nicely, but I do have a bunch of extra A3 posters and A5 flyers. So, if any of you out there think you might have appropriate places to distribute a bunch of them, I'm inviting a few volunteers to help spread the word about the tour dates. There are a limited number of them, so please only offer if you think you have the time and ability to place them in logical public places which will permit it, such as libraries, leisure centers etc... Send an email with your snailmail address to: .

Actually, as I've said before, word of mouth is still the most effective way of letting people know about the gigs - especially for an indy release with a very limited advertising budget -  so don't forget to mention it to people you bump into on the street. In fact, it's O.K. to 'gently bump' into people on purpose, just so you have an excuse to mention it to them! Now, how's that for a creative marketing campaign? Seriously, though.... anyone journalists or presenters/dj's or folks out there with media contacts feel free to contact who is handling media for the tour.

All right, I better not get too carried away here, and besides I still have a CD to finish.

Speaking of which, I really need a 'fife' player. Anyone out there in the NY area that knows a professional fife player, please drop me a line. (seriously)

Well, that's about all for now.

Happy Spring, by the way, (and happy Fall to you folks down-under, or up-top, depending on where you're standing).

Everybody be well and I'll catch you all later.



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PS. d een's   c ats ar  fat and   laazy !!!!!!   heh, heh, heh!!!        

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