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Volume 8, Issue 3 - April 9, 2004  


Dean Friedman Well, Well
Rumpled Romeo
Songs for Grownups
Treehouse Journals
Hey Folks,

Thanks to the good folks at, I am now able to offer CD-Quality AUDIO DOWNLOADS of all five of my studio albums in Windows Media (WMA) format, for a modest price, right from the website.

Now - instead of ordering one of my CD's and going out day after day, in the morning, to your mailbox, waiting patiently (still in your pajamas) for your Dean Friedman CD to be delivered in the post, only to discover that the jewel-case melted in transit and and the CD is now shaped like a Dali pocket watch - you can easily and securely download all of my studio albums directly onto your PC's harddrive, burn as many CD copies as you like (hopefully for your own use, only) or even upload it onto your PDA.

With this new AUDIO DOWNLOAD page, you could wake up at 3:00am in the morning, disturbed by your spouses incessant snoring, unable to go back to sleep, trundle downstairs to the den (still in your pajamas) log onto the internet dial up my website, download a CD Quality version of one of my albums - you know, the one that had been stolen out of your car last summer at the beach - and spend those, otherwise, restless morning hours listening to the soothing sounds of Rumpled Romeo or Songs for Grownups or Treehouse Journals or one of the first two albums. Or you could stay in bed listening to that loud snoring until dawn. Your choice. No pressure. I'm just trying to give you some viable options here. By the way, how come you're always in your pajamas? Don't you have any regular clothes?

To download one of the missing albums in your Dean Friedman collection, simply CLICK HERE, and follow the link in the upper left hand corner of the HOME page labeled, 'New Album Download Page'. You can also reach it via the AUDIO section of the website.

And that's it!. What could be simpler?

By the way, you can still order the regular shrinkwrapped CD's in plastic jewel-cases, delivered to your doorstep, usually in less than a week, whether you're wearing pajamas or not. The actual CD's are always good for birthday and holiday presents or for that Dean Friedman CD collection displayed proudly on your fireplace mantle or used as coasters. And you can still order official 'Well, Well' Said the Rocking Chair' Mousemats for that matter.

Either way, thanks for listening and enjoy the music.

P.S. Oh yeah, and don't forget: US gig April 17 followed by a Kids Concert May 2 on sale now, and tickets to the upcoming UK/Ireland Summer Tour on sale now at

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