Spring has Sprung

Volume 4, Issue 2 - May 2, 2000 

 Hi Everybody and Their Brother (And Sister),

I was wondering what you were all up to on this gorgeous Spring day...
also I thought I'd better give you all a heads up regarding the recent
nuisance email many of you received from one of my over-enthusiastic
supporters asking about my birthday.

I contacted him immediately and he has been roundly chastised and
apologized profusely to me and all of you for his thoughtlessness. This
incident has reminded me once again of the unique nature of this online
community we are all a part of and I reiterate my vow to endeavor to
always protect the integrity and privacy of the email addresses I've
been entrusted with. (That is, of course, until some huge multinational
internet marketing firm offers me a truck load of cash for 'em. Heh,

Seriously, folks, puuulleeeez refrain from abusing this information. If
you have a compelling urge to communicate with other like-minded
Deaniacs, I encourage you to visit the website and post a message in the
CHAT section.http://deanfriedman.com
It always makes for interesting reading and lost of folks have been
making trans-atlantic friends as a result.

Anyway, 'nuf said. Meanwhile...

Spring has sprung, here in Peekskill. Bud's are buddin'. Blossoms are
bloomin'. Sprigs are sproutin'. Brooks are babblin'. Ticks are tickin'.
And the Woodpeckers are peckin'. In fact, one plucky, persistent 'pecker
is proceeding to patiently pick pieces off the side of our house. His
repetitive peck-peck-pecking is what wakes us up early every morning (he
obviously doesn't keep musician hours). I just may have to pummel the
pernicious plumed pipsqueak with a pot, knocking him off his perilous

Speaking of cruelty to animals, what's the latest word from the UK
regarding Passports for Pets? People have always reacted sceptically to
my claim that one of the reasons for my infrequent touring is an arcane
and discriminatory immigration policy which punishes four-legged
creatures who may want to travel with their human companions into the
UK. For decades the British government has had an inordinate fear of
rabies. I think in their minds it's mixed up with their fear of
uncontrolled proliferation of guns. Now, I acknowledge the fact that a
wave of gun-toting canines and felines hitting the shores of the British
Isle would set off a rash of armed robberies (pawed robberies) and a
steep increase in petricide, but, I feel strongly that this is a small
price to pay for living in a free society.

You may disagree with the above but that's because you didn't marry a
zoologist like I did. I also hold strong opinions about spaying (I think
I identified too strongly with my old dog Barker regarding this
procedure) but that's another matter.

By the way, it's May 23rd, 1955 but don't send presents as I feel my mom
deserves most of the credit. I was there, of course, but all I recall is
a lot of noise and bright lights and then some really cute nurse grabbed
me by the ankles upside down and smacked me on the bottom. Hmmmm... I
wonder if that inspired the line '...angel in a polyesther uniform'?

Anyway, no exciting news to report, but everybody's well. I'll keep you
posted once I book some more gigs. Meanwhile, take care of yourselves
and enjoy the Spring (or Fall for you folks down-under).



PS If this is your first time ever receiving email after signing up on
the Dean Friedman website, hello there and welcome to the list. Also,
rest assured that future emails will not be as meandering, convoluted
and bewildering as this one - they will be more so. See ya online. DF

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