Vampire Motorcycle on Bravo

Volume 4, Issue 3 - May 28, 2000 

 Hi Everybody,

Notice to UK supporters: For those of you with access to Sky TV, the
infamous cult film classic "I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle" is being
shown on Bravo on Mon 29th at 11pm and again on Wednesday 31st at 3 am.
This film written and produced by my good buddy Michael Miller features
a 'killer' soundtrack composed and performed by none other than, 'yours
truly'. The title track is a tender and catchy little ditty entitled
"She Runs On Blood, Not Gasoline."

For details, follow the link

Important WARNING!!!: This film is not for the tender hearted. It was
written by a seriously deranged psycho-maniacal, radical communist
sympathizer. It is poorly lit and contains one of the single grossest
scenes ever recorded in the annals of film history, and the use of the
word 'annal' is not inadvertent (a talking turd is involved, not to give
too much away). By the way, my brilliant orchestration of that
particular scene is a tour d' force of film scoring technique. The film
features stunning performances by Michael Elphick (Boon) and Neil
Morrisey (Boon, Men Behaving Badly) and is regarded by film buffs as a
landmark in filmic history. Of course, I could be thinking of some other
film entirely. In any case, if you plan on seeing it, don't miss the
first few minutes of the opening credits as that's my favorite part.

As for those of you on this side of the pond, unfortunately ( or
fortunately, depending on your point of view) 'I Bought A Vampire
Motorcycle' has never been released in the US and the videos on sale in
the UK are all in the PAL video format. I'll let you know if it's ever
converted to NTSC. And one of these days I'll release the soundtrack on
CD. Meanwhile, enjoy your weekend.

That's all for now. Take care, folks.


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