Sneaker Car - Update

Volume 4, Issue 5 - June 10, 2000 


Fellow Sneaker Car Enthusiasts, 

The response to the SAVE THE SNEAKER CAR campaign has been overwhelming!

First of all, thank you to everyone that has already helped to find a
humble abode for the incredible SNEAKER CAR. Everytime I check my email
their are new orders and also offers of temporary lodging for the
SNEAKER CAR. I appreciate the support. Even though I know my SNEAKER CAR
would be happy cruising the scenic roads of Ireland, Norway, Australia,
New Zealand, Scotland, England and South Africa, I'm still dedicated to
keeping her here in Peekskill (O.K. maybe she's a he, I never really
checked under the hood.) so my kids and I (well, really, mostly me) can
spend the occasional weekend afternoon hurtling down our block at
breakneck speed with the wind rushing in our faces and giant 12 foot
shoelaces flapping in the breeze.

So, this is to let you know that I'm more than half way towards my goal
of fabricating a modest shelter for the SNEAKER CAR and there are still
5 days left in the SAVE DEAN'S SNEAKER CAR 25% OFF DISCOUNT SALE. (just
type SNEAKER CAR in the Shipping Country field to receive your discount)

I realize that maybe some of you thought this was all just a joke, after
all you have gotten email correspondence from my dog. But, I assure you,
there really is a SNEAKER CAR and it really is about to be evicted. So,
if you haven't had a chance to already, check out the Story of the
Incredible SNEAKER CAR on my website to see actual photographics of the
SNEAKER CAR being constructed. Just go to
(the link should work this time) and click on the COOL STUFF link and
you'll see the SNEAKER CAR link.

Which leads me to an interesting idea... Some of you have asked what it
would take to get copies of the 'Construction Plans' to build the
Sneaker Car. This way all of you could go into your garage and build
your very own Sneaker Cars. Imagine that! In fact, we could have
International Sneaker Car Rallies!!! Regional Shoe Races on every
continent! A Sneaker Car World Tournament!!! So, after careful
consideration, I have decided to sell copies of THE PLANS necessary to
construct your very own SNEAKER CAR. The cost of the plans will be
$29.95 (approx. 20pounds sterling). If you would like to order your own
SNEAKER CAR PLANS, simply complete the regular CD order page and type
"PLANS PLANS PLANS" in the SHIPPING COUNTRY field (after the actual
country) like this: US PLANS PLANS PLANS. That's it, and soon you too
could be sailing down a nearby hill at 30 miles per hour in your very
own chromakey blue SNEAKER CAR (also available in other lovely colors).

Meanwhile, it's in the '90's and I still haven't gotten around to
putting the airconditioners in yet so I'm off now to sit in front of
the refridgerator for a while.

You guys are cool! Take it easy and everybody be well.


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