On the Road

Volume 6, Issue 5 - June 17, 2002         

Hey Folks,

I hope everybody's well. I've just got a few minutes before I have to rush off to my next gig but I wanted to say a quick hello. I'm about 2/3rds of the way through the tour but there are still a two and a half weeks of gigs left (mostly in the south - see website for dates) which you're all invited to. Aside from all the driving, the tour's gone really well. Thanks to everyone who's come along to the shows. The audiences have been great!

Regarding the new CD. I've been scrambling to get all the Limited Edition and pre-ordered copies of the new CD 'The Treehouse Journals' signed, numbered, packaged and mailed out in the midst of interviews and gigs and I'm almost done. Thanks for your patience everybody, and of course for your support making the CD possible.

For anyone that happened to miss my interview on the Jonathan Ross show BBC Radio 2, you can hear it with RealAudio at the following link:


I was pretty nervous, but he was very generous with his time and remarks. I think you'll get a real kick out of it. Oh, and by the way, I use the term 'oddballs and misfits' with great affection ;-)

Here are the remaining concert dates. Tell all your friends and bring the family!

Please note:  That the London gig, this coming Saturday, June 22nd is at the LYRIC THEATRE - HAMMERSMITH  (there's a different Lyric in the West End which can be confusing.).  

Everybody, take care and see you at the gigs!


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