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Volume 3, Issue 9 - November 11, 1999 

Newsletter November 11, 1999

Hi Folks,

Well, the Earthís still spinning, the Milkywayís still spiraling, the
Universe is still expanding ( And so am I, come to think of it. Gotta start running
again.) Basically, lifeís pretty much the same except for a slight measure of
trepidation concerning a pending Y2K.

Iím not too worried because I know that in a worse case scenario,
thereís enough of our dog Lylah to feed the whole family until 2001. O.K. I was
just kidding. Now Iím gonna have to answer irate email from all your pets.

So, anyway, Iíve booked a handful of gigs for December in the New York
area so let me tell you where and when they are.

Please note that in addition to handful of regular solo concerts for
grownups Iíll be doing my annual Chanukah Show for Kids on Sunday Dec. 5th 3:00pm at the Paramount Center for the Arts in Peekskill, NY. The Chanukah Show is
a kids show and I wonít be doing any of my regular grownup songs. All the
other gigs listed will be grownup gigs.

One other thing, Iíd been reading the last year or so about a recent
phenomenon known as House Concerts where musicians tour peopleís living
rooms and Iíve been curious about doing one myself. So, I decided to
book one at the invitation of Bruce Benson at his home in NJ. This will be an 
intimate concert at a private residence with very limited seating (40).
For reservations call Bruce at 973-451-1072. Tickets to all the other gigs
can be ordered online or by mail via the website at http://deanfriedman.com.

Here goes:

12/5/99 Dean's CHANUKAH CONCERT FOR KIDS Sunday 3:00pm
featuring Larry the Latke & Rabbi Schlamazzel
Paramount Theater 1008 Brown St. Peekskill, NY

All the rest of these dates are regular grownup Dean Friedman solo gigsÖ

12/11/99 West End Gate Cafť - Saturday 9:00pm
2911 Broadway New York, NY (between 113 and 114th St. on the west side
of Broadway - a few blocks south of Columbia University.)

12/17/99 One Station Plaza - Friday 9:00pm - 38 N.Division St.

12/18/99 Living Room Concert - Saturday 8:00pm (House Concert/private
residence/limited seats - must reserve by phone only: 973-451-1072)

12/19/99 The Turning Point - Sunday 7:00pm - 468 Piermont Ave.
Piermont, NY (Just south of the Tappanzee Bridge)

Most of these venues are small so youíre advised to order tickets early.

Except for the Living Room Concert (which can only be booked by phone),
tickets to all shows can be ordered online via the website at http://deanfriedman.com. You can also find directions to each venue in the TICKET ORDER section.

To my good buddies across the pond, not to mention all those other 48
states, sorry I wonít be making it to your neighborhood this time around, but
Iíll definitely be doing some kind of UK tour in 2000 and Iím always trying
to find a way to do some Midwest and westcoast gigs. I promise to keep you
posted with any developments.

So, letís see, what else can I tell you?Ö HmmmÖ Oh, yeah, Iíve been
teaching myself the Macromedia FLASH web animation software. Itís a neat
package for doing cool website animations. I plan on posting some of my
early efforts onto the site in a week or so, so stay tuned.

And what else? Oh, well this is kinda neat. I got a call a few weeks
back from my old friend Stuffy Shmitt. Stuffy, you may recall, co-wrote the song
ĎCompanyí with me. I met Stuffy years ago in the Village when we were
both hanging out doing showcases at the Other End. Anyway, Stuffy starts
telling me this story about how he was visiting a friendís recording studio in
NY while they were adding a soundtrack to a new independent feature film. The
producer turned to Stuffy and said, ĎHey, Stuff, what about that song you
wrote with Dean?í 

So, Stuffy went into the studio and recorded his version of Company and
loí and behold (I donít get to say loí and behold that often, so when the
rare occasion arises I make sure to grab it.) So, loí and behold, last month
this new indy film entitled Thirty Days premiered at the Toronto Independent Film
Festival containing Stuffyís new version of ĎCompanyí. I donít know if
they have a distributor yet, but if and when they do Iíll let you know when
itís slated for release.

This kind of strange stuff keeps happening so Iíve sort of come to expect it at
this point.

Meanwhile, everybodyís doing fine so I canít complain too much. I mean,
I could, but it wouldnít have much affect, so whatís the point.

Everybody take care of yourselves. Drop me a line. Or drop by the Chat
Room if youíre feeling bored and post a message.

Speak to you soon. See you at the gigs. And drive safely.

Take care,


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