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Volume 3, Issue 10 - November 19, 1999 

Hey Folks, 

I have a fun assignment for you. Don't worry, it won't cost you any 
money; just a few minutes of time. (well, maybe 5 minutes... O.K. 
it could conceivably take as long as 10 or 15 minutes if you really 
get into it, but that's up to you.) 

What in the world are you talking about Dean? 

Well, see, here's the story... 

Many of you have emailed me asking about obtaining MP3 audio 
files of some of my tunes. [MP3 is a widely used audio file 
standard that compresses CD quality audio into a manageble 
file- size for downloading off a web site. It requires an MP3 player 
which you can download free from several places in particular: and] 

Anyway, it's a cool audio format and you can download CD quality 
audio tracks off the net and play 'em right off your harddrive. After 
you do it once it's easy. 

So the thing is, I've placed three of my tracks - 'Hob Nobbin'', 
'Where Have All The Angles Flown?' and 'Don't Mourn, Don't Cry' in 
MP3 format onto the most popular MP3 website MP3.COM and 
you can find them by going direct to - 

Once you're there you can download MP3 (or RealAudio) versions 
of my tracks and, if you're curious, explore some of the 20,000 
other independent musicians who've posted music on the site. 
There's a lot of strange and unusual stuff to listen to and a lot of it 
is pretty damn good. 

Now here's your homework. MP3.COM is running a promotion, 
during the month of November, which offers cash bonuses to artists 
with more than 20 unique downloads (different people) a day. 

That's right, all you have to do is do a full MP3 download of three of 
my songs for FREE to play over and over again off your hardrive 
and they'll send me PILES OF CASH. (Well, probably more like 2 

Anyway, it'll also help expose other visitors to the site to my music 
which isn't a bad thing. 

So, whaddaya say? Feeling adventurous? 

If you yet haven't fooled around with MP3 audio you'll find it's fun 
stuff. You can actually sequence your own playlists of your favorite 
tracks. Once you get into it, you can convert any of your regular 
music CD's to MP3 format and play them off your harddrive or even 
an inexpensive portable MP3 player. It's pretty cool stuff. 

So, that's it. Download a few Dean Friedman tracks for FREE and I 
get a few bucks to invest in biotech stocks (or to pay last month's 
phone bill.) What a concept! How bizarre? What will they think up 
next? And if this works, maybe we can try influencing the NY 
Senate race next year.

If you have any questions about this, or problems downloading or 
playing your files, email me, and I'll try and help. 

Meanwhile, the Living Room concert in NJ is now SOLD OUT, but 
you can still get tickets to all the other shows. (SEE BELOW) So, 
don't forget to mark your calendars and book a babysitter or your 
mother-in-law. Better yet, bring your kids, your babysitter and your 
mother-in-law to the gigs!!! 

You can ORDER TICKETS ONLINE at the website: 

I guess that's it for now. Have fun surfin'. Check out... 

...and I'll speak to you soon. 



12/5/99 Dean's CHANUKAH CONCERT FOR KIDS Sunday 
3:00pm featuring Larry the Latke & Rabbi Schlamazzel 
Paramount Theater 1008 Brown St. Peekskill, NY 

All the rest of these dates are regular grownup Dean Friedman solo 

12/11/99 West End Gate Café -Saturday 9:00pm 
2911 Broadway New York, NY (between 113 and 114th St. on the 
west side of Broadway - a few blocks south of Columbia 

12/17/99 One Station Plaza - Friday 9:00pm- 38 N.Division St. 
Peekskill, NY 

12/18/99 SOLD OUT - Living Room Concert - Saturday 8:00pm 
(House Concert/private residence/limited seats - must reserve by 
phone only: [THIS CONCERT IS SOLD OUT!!!] 

12/19/99 The Turning Point- Sunday 7:00pm - 468 Piermont 
Ave. Piermont, NY (Just south of the Tappanzee Bridge) 


copyright (c) 1999 Dean Friedman Productions 

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