Barenaked Ladies version of McDonald's Girl in RealAudio

Volume 3, Issue 11 - November 24, 1999 

Hey Everybody,

First off, thanks to all of you that took the time to actually download my mp3 song files off of my page at As of this evening, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there were 196 HiFi downloads. I appreciate the support, folks. This special promotion runs until the end of November, so if you haven't had a chance yet, you should try and check it out. The website is a cool resource and supporter of indy artists (read: starving musicians). And if you aren't familiar with downloading and playing mp3 audio files off of your hardrive while your working or writing or answering email, you should try it once. It's pretty neat. And it's FREE! Anyone curious to try it, just go to my MP3page at

Now this is something really cool...
I've been wanting to do this for a while and so late one night last week I finally did. 
Most of you are aware of the strange fact that in 1991 the then unknown Canadian 
band Barenaked Ladies recorded a cover version of my song, McDonald's Girl, for a 
radio concert in Toronto. It went on to become the #1 requested track on the station 
for weeks and you can still find audio files of it floating all over the internet.

Then, just last year a band called the Blenders recorded another cover of McDonald's Girl which actually went to #1 in Norway, of all places. There's a wild dance version too, which just cracks me up.

Anyway, I've posted RealAudio files of each of these different cover versions of 
McDonald's Girl. There's even a cover recorded by a group called Gimble in the 
Wabe from the University of Michigan. (I'm still trying to track down another version 
by the Harvard a'capella group the Din & Tonics, if anyone comes across it.)

Anyway, I think you'll get a kick out of hearing all these different versions of the tune. 
Let me know what you think. Just go to my website and click on the Barenaked Ladies 
/ McDonald's link near the top right corner of the page.

Meanwhile, I'm still getting ready for the upcoming NY area gigs. I'm especially looking 
forward to the annual Chanukah Show at the Paramount in Peekskill, because I get to 
work with the world renown Larry the Latke and Murray the Matzoh Ball. Of course, 
the learned scholar Rabbi Schlamazel is rumored to be making an appearance.

I'm afraid that the Living Room / House Concert in NJ is all SOLD OUT! I'll definately 
let you all know how it went. There are still plenty of tickets to all the other shows, but 
if your thinking of making one of them you might want to order now (hint, hint) at the 
website in the ORDER section.

As a reminder, here's the listing of December gigs...


3:00pm featuring Larry the Latke & Rabbi Schlamazzel
Paramount Theater 1008 Brown St. Peekskill, NY

All the rest of these dates are regular grownup Dean Friedman solo

12/11/99 West End Gate Café - Saturday 9:00pm
2911 Broadway New York, NY (between 113 and 114th St. on the
west side of Broadway - a few blocks south of Columbia

12/17/99 One Station Plaza - Friday 9:00pm - 38 N.Division St.
Peekskill, NY

12/18/99 SOLD OUT - Living Room Concert - Saturday 8:00pm
(House Concert/private residence/limited seats - must reserve by
phone only: SOLD OUT!!!

12/19/99 The Turning Point - Sunday 7:00pm - 468 Piermont
Ave. Piermont, NY (Just south of the Tappanzee Bridge)


Well, that's about it. Oh, one last thing, this is the first time I'm using Netscape 4.7 to 
bulk email, so I'll be curious to get feedback on whether any of this formating actually 

Take care everybody. Let me know what's going on out there. Speak to you soon.


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