Al Gore and George Bush both acting presidential,
proudly demonstrate their maturity and leadership abilities
by wearing their Dean Friedman 'grownup' T-Shirts.
No, I'm not talking about the US Presidential Elections. (That'll be in dispute for the next 
500 years) I'm talking about your chance to order your very own Dean Friedman 
'grownup' T-Shirt in time for the gift-giving season!
Declare, once and for all, your official 'grownup' status with this original design, inspired 
by Dean Friedman's 'Songs for Grownups'. This classy T-shirt has the word 'grownup' 
boldly emblazoned in white text over a black background on the front and the words: 
Dean Friedman 'Songs For Grownups' on the back.
Fraught with uncertainty? Weary of the awesome weight of adult responsibilities? Put on 
your 'grownup' T-Shirt and watch in amazement as the world treats you with the renewed 
respect and deference that is your due. Get your kids to finally listen to you! Enjoy the 
whimsical irony of being a real 'grownup' in a world where so-called 'adults' seem to act 
more and more like children. Wear your 'grownup' T-shirt  to the grocery store, to the 
post office or to your job and hear heartfelt shouts of approval and encouragement from 
people who wish they had the courage to be a 'grownup' just like you.
Be proud of your accomplishments. Be a GROWNUP!!!
NOTE: It is not necessary for you to actually be a 'grownup' to wear a 'grownup' T-shirt. 
You can still behave immaturely, irresponsibly and without regard to the potential 
consequences of your actions. You could choose to wear one as an ironic reflection of 
your own internal conflict concerning adulthood. Or you could wear one to protest the 
unabashed and hypocritical ageism that continues to run rampant in society and popular 
culture in particular. Finally, you could just wear one for a good laugh or if you've run out 
of undershirts!
To order your very own 'grownup' T-shirt just visit the CD ORDER section of the Dean 
Friedman Website by clicking here: ORDER grownup T-shirt
While you're there you may want to also pick up a few copies of Dean's double CD 
'Songs for Grownups' to share with your friends. If they're grownups too, they might 
appreciate it (apparently kids and teens enjoy it too.)
Anyway, that's all for now. I'll keep you informed of any important new developments or 
revelations in the ongoing Florida contest, although given the large bump on my forehead 
from Alison's frying pan, I may decide to keep some of my opinions to myself.  (But don't 
be too surprised if Clinton is actually appointed interim president in the event that 
Congress still hasn't resolved this imbroglio by inaugural day, January 20th.)
Take care and be on the lookout for flying chads!