The ongoing adventures of a hapless singer/songwriter.  Vol. 1. Episode 4.

'A Squirrel's Gotta Do What A Squirrel's Gotta Do'  page 1





Hey, Deano, why the long face?  You're not still in mourning over that dumb election are you? Look, your guy lost. You got your ass whupped. Deal with it! Besides, you gotta admit - he was kinda goofy looking.


Naaah. It's not that.  It's all these darn bills - the phone, utilities, insurance... Anyway, screw it. How's your arm feeling? When's that sling coming off?


  Tomorrow. Still got a few aches and pains, though. Uh... speaking of which. About that insurance, Dean... I, uh, figure now's probably a good a time as any to bring this up...







So, what's on your mind, little buddy?


 Oh... nothing much, Dean. You know, an accident of this type... obvious negligence. Don't worry, I won't bleed you dry. I mean, hey, you can only get so much blood out of stone! (heh, heh!)


I'm sure you understand, Dean. It's nothing personal. I mean... A squirrel's gotta do what a squirrel's gotta do. But, hey, I should let my attorney explain...