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InVideo's virtual reality environments offer a choice of challenging fun and games for players of all ages from small children to adults.


This popular InVideo game originally premiered on Nickelodeon. It has proved to be a hit with millions of kids on TV, and at children's museums and family entertainment centers around the world. Children score points by capturing and eating as many small bugs - flies, mosquitoes and gnats - as possible, while avoiding the killer bee, the giant spider, and the scary centipede. These virtual bugs react to the player's motion within the screen and are really fun to catch and eat. Ages 5-15.


Originally developed for the Eureka! Children's Museum in England and now a popular feature in family entertainment centers around the world. This magical set of four different play environments proves that "anything can happen in your dreams..." Float through the clouds popping balloons, swim underwater tickling fish - even jump around in the falling rain as it's "raining cats and dogs". Children aged 3-12 love to experience these very different virtual worlds.

[Virtual Volleyball]Virtual Volleyball

This is the first in a series of sports simulations. It offers up to eight players (four per side) an aerobic and physical virtual sports challenge. InVideo Virtual Volleyball realistically simulates actual gameplay, as players volley, spike, save and assist their teammates, providing exciting all-weather athletic fun on a virtual beach.


A virtual paintbox for kids of all ages, or, finger-painting without this mess! AirPaint is an easy-to-use paint program that offers an 8-color palette and a selection of painting effects which let the user explore color, shape and design by using their hands or even their whole body as a paint brush. Simple icons offer features including erasing, body painting and color cycling. Children and adults delight in the magical sensation of painting with vivid colors in thin air.

[Gold Rush]Gold Rush

A fast and energetic game for all ages to play. Ride on a runaway covered wagon through the arid deserts of the Old West. Dodge exploding dynamite sticks, jump over poisonous snakes and try to avoid the prickly cacti while trying to capture all the bags of gold.

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