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What is InVideo?

InVideo is a virtual reality video system that puts participants inside a virtual video world allowing them to interact in real-time with video objects.
It is as if you literally stepped inside of a video game.

What does an InVideo System cost?

A basic InVideo System costs $35,000 excluding the monitor. The price of monitors can vary from $400 for a conventional 27" monitor to $3,000 for a 50" rear screen projection monitor to as much as $9,500 for a 120" front screen projection monitor system.

What other costs are involved?

Standard additional costs include:

Optional custom costs include:

What does an InVideo System consist of?

An InVideo System consists of the following components: 1. the Control System, 2. the Video Camera, 3. the Backdrop, 4. the Monitor (monitor priced separately), and 5. the Lighting.

How much space does an InVideo System take up?

InVideo Systems require a minimum of 120 square feet (10' x 12') however, depending on the size of the monitor, as much as 15' x 20' might be desirable.

How easy is it to operate the InVideo System?

Once the InVideo System is installed on-site it requires no further set-up. The only possible adjustments necessary would be in the event of a drastic change in lighting conditions. Simple instructions are included for making lighting adjustments.

Does the InVideo System require an operator or attendant?

Once powered up, the InVideo System is self-running and requires no operator or attendant.
Both free-running and coin-operated versions are available for use in museums or amusement centers.

Do InVideo Systems come with a guarantee?

InVideo Systems are guaranteed for parts only for a period of three (3) months after installation.

What is the delivery schedule and what are the payment terms?

Typical turn-around time from order to delivery is approximately 4 to 6 weeks. Production of custom InVideo environments generally requires a minimum of 8 to 12 weeks depending on the storyboard. An initial payment of 60% is required upon placing an order. The balance is due upon installation.


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