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Company Background

Cool Stuff For Kids, Inc. is a multimedia design, fabrication and production company that specializes in creating hi-tech, hi-touch, interactive entertainments for the children's market.

Cool Stuff For Kids is the creator of The Music Atrium: A Musical Playground for Kids. The Music Atrium is a collection of giant, whimsical musical instruments. Kids of all ages love to dance on the Tone Stones, jingle the Jingle-Lingle-Lily, bounce on the Honkblatt, and squeeze the bulbs on the Booble, reveling between melodic, harmonic and amusing sounds they can produce while learning that making music really is fun.

The Music Atrium was first installed in the Eureka! Children's Museum in England, where it has proved a great success. Additional Atriums have been installed around the US as well as around the world, captivating children and adults alike.

Cool Stuff For Kids also markets Cool F/X, a sound-effects audio system which can be retrofitted to existing softplay modules in order to add playful sounds to indoor playground equipment.

All the instruments in The Music Atrium have been designed by multimedia artist/producer Dean Friedman, who is president ant creative director of Cool Stuff For Kids. (Dean Friedman Home Page) Friedman's varied background as a chart-topping singer/songwriter and musician, best-selling writer on music synthesis, and developer of the first peripheral-free virtual reality games, has given him an ideal mix of experience to draw from when creating these fascinating objects.

Cool Stuff For Kids specializes in designing and producing interactive entertainments for museums, theme parks, shopping centers and family amusement centers around the world. The company is a sister company of InVideo Systems, producers of peripheral-free virtual reality games for the whole family.


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